What cleaning method do you use?

We use hot water extraction, more commonly called steam cleaning. It is the best way to remove dirt and allergens from deep inside of your carpet.

What are flat rates?

We are very proud of this. It is a system that that charges one rate per room. There are no hidden costs for square footage or hidden fees. We make it simple and convenient with no hassles.

Do you really work in the evenings?

Yes. We are very understanding of your hectic schedule. Why should you have to miss work or make arrangements for another person to let us into your home? We will work around your schedule. It is easy and convenient to work with Flagship Carpet Cleaning.

Can you remove pet and smoke odors?

       Yes. This is a specialty of ours. Your carpet acts like a giant filter trapping pet dander, cigarette smoke and dust. A vacuum cleaner only removes dirt from the top layer of your carpet and doesnt remove odors trapped in the carpet fibers. You really need to have your carpets treated and steam cleaned to do the job. You will notice the difference in air quality instantly.


Flagship Carpet Cleaning

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