Cleaning Pet Odors and Stains in Carpet in an Effective and Cheap Way

Cleaning Pet Odors and Stains in Carpet in an Effective and Cheap Way

It is normal for pets to stain carpets by urinating or with any other form of dirt. The most important thing is to understand how to clean and remove the stain as fast as possible to prevent it becoming difficult to remove it afterwards. During the carpet cleaning process, you can clean the pet odors and stains using cleaning products that you have under the sink. The most effective products that can clean the stain and odors are hydrogen peroxide solution and baking soda. Below are steps to clean pet urine from your carpet effectively.
1. Remove the pet urine or feces using a paper towel
The first step is to soak as much urine using a paper or many of them and then discard. It is advisable to remove as much as you can in order to keep the odor down and also to lessen the cleaning process. It can be a daunting task to remove the pet urine out of carpets unless you remove most of it by soaking. After doing this, ensure that you thoroughly clean your hands to prevent spreading the germs around the house.
2. Sprinkle the baking soda on the pet stain
It is advisable to sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on the stain in order for it to be removed more effectively. Use a scrub brush in order to scrub it completely and then give it thirty to forty minutes to set. If the smell is very bad, it is good to allow the stain to set for a night. Baking soda is the most effective detergent to use because it has properties that can help soak up the smell completely. It is not a must that you purchase an expensive baking soda because even the common baking powder can be effective. Baking soda can be used for many other purposes at home and, so it is economical to buy it in large quantity.
3. Pour the hydrogen peroxide solution
Before using hydrogen peroxide it is worth noting that it has properties that can bleach the color of the carpet. It is therefore, advisable to test the colorfastness of your house carpet by pouring just a little amount of the solution on one area of the carpet that is invisible, for instance, inside the closet of the carpet. If no signs of color change occur, then you can use the hydrogen peroxide solution to remove the stains from your carpet. Pour the solution onto the stains which is already covered with baking soda. This is a combination that is effective in removing stain even in human teeth and, therefore it is highly effective. Then scrub the solution by using the scrub brush and give it thirty five to forty five minutes to set.
4. Soak up the solution using paper towels
To ensure that all the moisture is gone from the carpet, it is good to soak up the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda solution with paper towels.
5. After the carpet is dry, vacuum it
After the carpet is dry, it is advisable to vacuum any baking soda left over, thus making the carpet look as good as new.

Keeping Your Tiles And Grout Clean From Stubborn Stains

Tile cleaning can be your worst nightmare especially when the tiles are stained with stubborn contaminants. Grout lines between the tiles are also a good place for dirt to accumulate and they are even harder to clean than the tiles themselves. Coloured stains are even worse. When the situation completely gets out of hand, you can hire tile cleaners in Ontario who will do the tile and grout cleaning exercise for you. They have all the necessary equipment for cleaning and the most powerful cleaning detergents. After that you can maintain the bright shiny look on your tiles all by yourself.

Tile cleaners in Tecumseh and Ontario are specialized in cleaning bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles from stubborn stains and contaminants. They make use of cleaning solutions specially meant for tiles and make the process more effective by using heat and vacuum cleaners. After this, the tiles are given a power rinse with pressurized water hence washing away all the dirt. This combination gets to the most stubborn stains leaving your tiles and grout spotlessly clean. After the cleaning process, the cleaners apply a layer of penetrating sealer which ensures that your grout is clean for almost two years. If you have a problem with stubborn stains on your coloured grout and you fear having your coloured grout discoloured, tile cleaners will do perfect cleaning for you.

After hiring for cleaning services, you can carry on with the cleaning all by yourself. The process of hiring tiles cleaners can be expensive hence you need to avoid it. First, you will need to purchase suitable bleach meant for tile and grout cleaning. You also need a scrubbing brush for scrubbing off the stains during the cleaning process. The cleaning process is quite easy. Mix the bleach with warm water thoroughly and pour the solution on the stained tile-floor. Let the bleach act on the stains by breaking them into pieces. This will take about thirty minutes. A longer period may be required for stubborn stains in order to soften them. After that scrub the tiles and grout with your scrubbing brush and always pour new solution as you scrub. You can check whether all the dirt is out by rinsing a small section with clean water. Carefully rinse and dry the tiles using clean water and a mop.

Tile cleaning is not such a complicated process after all and you can even do it by yourself at the early stages of dirt accumulation. You can also hire for tile cleaning services from a professional cleaning firm. It is important that you settle on a powerful bleach detergent which you can use to keep your floor sparkling all the time. Every time you mop your house, add bleaching detergent to your cleaning water in order to ensure that all the dirt on the grout is cleaned. The mistake most people make is letting dirt accumulate on their tiles by staying for long periods without cleaning them. Always make a point of working on the stains on your tiles when still fresh. This way, you are sure of having clean tiles all the time.

10 Handy Tips to Clean Your House Fast and Efficient

If you want to make sure that your house is absolutely clean and hygienic, and you want to keep out the clutter and mess from your personal living space, you may be thinking about making regular cleaning schedule. You may also think to hire a professional elements carpet cleaning service to help you cleanse off your surrounding environment. Well, there are actually some tips and handy tricks that can help you achieve the best result without you having to struggle so hard for the work. So, what should you do then?

The first thing that you can do is to make sure that you have set up regular schedule for the cleaning up activity. If you don’t have the time to do it on regular days, consider doing it around weekends. Not only you won’t be bothered by your work, you can actually tag along other family members with this chore. But that also depends on your preference. Some people like to do it on their own, so they do it on week days when they won’t be bothered by the kids or by their partners. Second, be sure that you are wearing comfy clothes when cleaning off the house. Cleaning off has never been easy or fun, but if you won’t do it, then who else? It would be much better if you can wear something comfy and also easy to wash and clean. Third, you can consider about hiring professional workers or services. For instance, if you have to deal with the carpet cleaning activity, which is not easy at all, you can consider delegating the work to the professionals who can provide better result. Yes, you may have to spend extra money for this, but at least the result is worth it. And you don’t have to hire them on weekly basis; doing it once a month will do.

Fourth, be sure that you equip yourself with the right equipments. You may want to wear kneepads or protective shoes when you are cleaning in rather ‘dangerous’ area around your house. You may want to wear protective gloves or goggle when you have to use chemical substances. Even wearing cleaning apron can help you so much. Fifth, you may want to consider investing your money in reliable, credible, and high quality cleaning tools. Consider having high quality mop, sponge, vacuum cleaner, and such things to help you manage efficient and effective cleaning activity.

There are other tips that can help you clean out your house in an instant:
– Be sure to gather around your tools in one tool bag or kit so you won’t have to go back and forth just to pick up the items.
– Tag along a basket or a container so you can ditch out or remove garbage or trash right away. Unused plastic wrap, small wooden strips, or such thing alike can be gathered into the container.
– Be sure to hire a professional elements carpet cleaning service if your house is filled with carpets or rugs. If you don’t’ want to bother with cleaning out the carpets, consider using hardwood floor.
– Provide containers for the clutters. It would be better if you can invest in various kinds of containers for different kinds of items.
– Don’t waste time. Start right away and see the outcome of your hard work immediately. The house won’t clean itself, you know?

Steam mops Good or Bad?

As a tile and grout cleaning contractor I often get asked about steam mops . While steam is an incredible method for cleaning dirt and grime off floors and surfaces it is an absolute fail when it comes to cleaning tile and grout . The steam creates a pool of dirty hot water that is dragged into the grout lines because they are lower than the tile . We recommend a microfiber mop very damp almost dry with use of common PH neutral cleaner like blue dawn dish soap.